Sole Notes

From daily interaction with our impressively knowledgable customer base, we often find that the sole choice plays a key role in the decision making process. The type of sole on a shoe can make or break this decision, but for the most part, we manage to find the best solution to meet the needs of each customer.

Of the many different types of soles we have on offer, we have chosen five to discuss in this week's blog post.

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Edward Green - Ealing featuring a 'single' leather sole

One of the small luxury's everyone should aspire to. A single leather sole on a welted shoe allows for both stability and also flexibility in a way that works with the contours and movements of your feet. In addition, the breathability allows for a better environment within the shoe. The 'single' thickness refers to approximately 5 - 8mm whilst a double (below) is more often between 8 - 12mm.

Alfred Sargent - Armfield featuring 'thin' rubber sole (also referred to as 'Wensum' sole or 'City' sole)

For the grafter who requires dress shoes that will take care of him not just in the office but also out on meetings, site visits and not to mention travelling in various climates. All the while, maintaining a sleek and elegant profile.

Enzo Bonafe - Bering featuring 'double' leather sole

A double leather sole can give one of the most rewarding experiences to be gained from owning a pair of welted shoes. Notoriously stubborn during the break in period, but once that's over their a joy to wear. Many of our customer's say there's nothing quite like the way a double leather sole supports and interacts with your feet when walking in them.

Miyagi Kogyo - 108 Chukka featuring Dainite rubber soles

Established in 1894, Dainite is a brand of rubber footwear soles, manufactured by the English company, Harboro Rubber. They are best known for their studded sole (pictured) which works superbly for urban use, as it is both long lasting and clean aesthetic. All this helps to add durability, and therefore versatility, to many good shoes. Some skilled shoe makers such as Miyagi Kogyo can manipulate Dainite soles to exaggerate the elegance of the waist.

Alden -  9794E Longwing Blucher featuring double 'Waterlock' soles

Waterlock is a proprietary term belonging to Alden Shoe co. These soles are simply a double leather sole where the leather itself has been impregnated with oil for extra water resistance and added flexibility.