Midsummer is just around the corner and we're looking forward to an enjoyable and relaxing one to round off a fantastic first half of 2019.

What we see as a weekend must, is a pair of driving loafers for both men and women. Comfort is the aim of the game here; these classic moccasins from Paraboot will give you all that and more during those long summer evenings.

A decent belt should also feature in everyone's wardrobe and our belts from Fausto Colato are unrivaled in that department.

With this winning combo you're sure to enjoy the weekend for all it's worth.

'Corvette' Ladies Driving Loafer by Paraboot

'Cabrio' Mens Driving Loafer by Paraboot

'Cabrio' Mens Driving Loafer by Paraboot (from above)


Dark Brown Suede Leather Belt by Fausto Colato - a great match with Cabrio by Paraboot 

Various Belts for Men and Women by Fausto Colato

'Cabrio' Mens Driving Loafer in Velours Bleu by Paraboot