Loafers fra Enzo Bonafe

Enzo Bonafe are the cream of the crop when it comes to authentic Italian footwear.

Based in Bologna the charming staff work in what is closer to a family workshop than a shoe factory. Nevertheless, they continue to produce a superb variety of shoes with as much style as substance.

Below we feature the new Iguana String Loafer, which will soon be available on our webstore.


4019 - Braided Tassel Loafer in Cognac Iguana Leather

The 4019, as with all our models from Bonafe, is a product of our collaboration in regards to fit and style specifications. 

The positioning of the uppers to display the natural pattern change in the leather.

This model is built on the 062F Last, an elegant chisel toe which hugs the midfoot area nicely.

Also on the 062F Last is the 3921 - Wholecut loafer in tan pigskin

A growing favourite is the 4019 - Braided Tassel Loafer in Reverse Kudu Suede 

The question remains: who wins? Iguana, Pig or Kudu...?