National Archetypes: Boots Edition

Here at Skomaker Dagestad, we carry a number of models that are arguably the most archetypal with regards to their land of origin.

Whether it be the industrial background, military, climate or simply cultural tastes that dictate, some boot styles tend to represent the spirit of their nation better than others.

We've selected a few below that we think fit nicely into the aforementioned category.


Dagestad&Co: Dombaas 

Norway: As our dear friend, Østmo correctly pointed out, we have sought inspiration from classic Norsk 'Beksøm' boots to reimagine a shoe that has a long and loving relationship with Norwegian people.

Heschung: Ginkgo

Heschung: Ginkgo

France: Whilst several details on this model are referred to as 'Norwegian' we find that it's our french customers who more closely relate with the split-toe styling and contrast shaft.

Alfred Sargent: Cambridge

Britain: This field boot is borne out of long line of British hunters and 'rambling' enthusiasts, who sought out the most robust footwear that would support and compliment the wearer on long excursions in the coutryside.

Red Wing: Iron Ranger

U.S.A.: In the late 1800s, miners needed tough but comfortable boots that could stand up to the long days and tough conditions a northern Minnesota mine pit presented. Red Wing responded with the Iron Ranger, a boot made of thick leather with an oil resisting outer sole, speed lacing hooks, and a comfortable cork midsole which has since wandered forth from the mines and assisted many a workman in building one of the worlds largest economies.

Clinch Boots (Brass Tokyo) - Engineer Boot 

Japan: Whilst it's origin is undoubtedly American; what makes this shoe so archetypally Japanese is that it represents what the Japanese (particularly in the shoe world) have done so well. This is to take inspiration from other nations' fashions and traditions and crank them up to the higher echelons of handwork and finishing on such a scale that is rarely seen in the lands of their inventors.