Enzo Bonafé

As the weather is starting to turn we thought it the perfect time to highlight some of Enzo Bonafé's wonderful hand-welted shoes.

Just as the Bonafé family themselves, the shoes are delightfully full of character and whilst they modestly portray the high level of handwork and detail that goes into their making.

Leather soles are somewhat seasonal here in Norway, which makes them all the more appreciated when we get the chance to wear them. The leather in a Bonafé shoe is some of the best around, which makes this experience all the more enjoyable.

The factory's Made-To-Order program is one of the best on the market in terms of price, delivery and flexibility. In the last image you'll see one of our more recent MTO make ups. If you're still in search of your dream pair, or would like to try a never-before-seen customisation, we encourage you get in touch with us and we'll work with you to bring it to reality.

Happy shoegazing!



Art. 3635 - Derby Norvegese - Chestnut

Art. 4013- Adelaide - Dark Brown Museum

Art. Cary Grant - Low Chelsea - Black

Art. 3986 - Diamond Cap Toe - Plum Museum

Made To Order - Wholecut Oxford