Color #8 Cordovan Leather Shoes from Alden Shoe Co.

Alden's use of Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, is as masterful as it is legendary.

Whilst it is found in many variations (some more highly sought after than others), none can be seen as more iconic than the Color #8 variety. This deep burgundy, like a fine wine, just gets better with age; creating a beautiful patina in between the waves that form as a result of wear.

We've collected together some images from our selection that we hope will do this fabled partnership justice. 

Happy shoegazing!


 990 E - Derby - Dark Burgundy

 Women's Full Strap Penny Loafer

 1339 E - Chukka - Dark Burgundy

 975 E - Derby - Dark Burgundy

M6901 - Split Toe Boot - Color 8

Don't forget the polish(!)


Alden Fine Paste Polish - Color 8