Allsidige Red Wing Sko

Whilst they are a bit rough around the edges and particularly durable, Red Wings aren't necessarily just for the winter months.

Some models are suitable for use all year round, which is great news considering how wonderful they are to walk in!

Pictured below, we've picked out some of our house favourites that fall into the aforementioned category.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to give them a try!


 3343 - Blacksmith - Copper Rough & Tough

 8084 - Iron Ranger - Black

 3405 - Clara - Black Boundary

 2917 - Chelsea Ranger - Briar Oil Slick

Medaille D'or Oiled Leather Neatsfoot Oil


Neatsfoot Oil is a natural byproduct that has gives excellent nourishment and protection to leather without leaving a glossy finish. We are very fond of this new product from Saphir, and like to use it on coarse leather types (eg. nubuck/ roughout).