Supplering av Red Wing Støvler og Skopleie

In the last few days we have stocked up on some exciting products from Red Wing and Saphir.
We love seeing shoes from our store that have been taken care of for for many years. The beauty in the leather is plain to see and it shows a true connection between the owner and the shoes themselves.
Below you'll find links to our webstore if you click the images or alternatively see the links below to follow through to the various product pages.
Blacksmith in Black Prarie Leather
Iron Ranger in Copper Rough & Tough
6 Inch Moc Toe in Navy Portage 
Mink Oil from Red Wing - A superior natural fat that protects and nourishes tough leather in all conditions
Grease Sport Loisir in Neutral from Saphir -  a light fatty shoe polish suitable for urban conditions
Applicator Brush from Saphir Medaille D'Or