Fausto Colato Belter

We invite you to join us in appreciation of our Milanese suppliers: Fausto Colato.

Here at Dagestad we have long had an affinity with Italian craftsmanship. The Fausto Colato workshop produces unrivalled handmade pieces that incorporate only the finest of materials. The outcome is hugely impressive. To see and touch these belts is more than enough to back this up.

To view the collection in our webstore, simply click on the links below to find yourself on the brand's overview page:

Fausto Colato Belts

 Python Diamond Leather Belt in Black and Brown

 Kudu Leather Belt in Brown

 [From right to left] Calf Leather Belt in Black, Caiman Leather Belt in Black, Crocodile Leather Belt in Black

 Cordovan Leather Belt in Burgundy

 French Calf Leather Belt in Mexicana Brown