Addict Clothes refer to their products as "New Vintage", to which they are very particular about the word, 'Vintage'. We just received a restock of these great jackets.

The more you use their leather jackets, the more character they gain and over time the metal parts will oxidize and take on a dull shine.
They also produce motorcycles which are specified down to the very last detail.
All of their items are heavily packed with details that have been lost with mass-produced and dully uniform products. They offer the kind of allure that can only be found with true "vintage".

Addict Clothes Japan makes the finest leather jackets we have ever seen. The horsehides are carefully selected from the best Japanese tanneries.

AD01 - Center Zip Jacket - Horsehide

Alden - 2161 - Derby - Black


 AD03L - Double Rider Jacket - Horsehide

Red Wing - 2990 - Engineer - Black Harness

AD01 - Center Zip Jacket - Horsehide Brown

Loake - Chatsworth Dainite - Dark Brown Suede