NEW IN: Scarfs from Dakini, Kathmandu

We're over the moon with the latest additions to our accessories collection.

We have collaborated with our good friend Bente, (CEO of Dakini) who's production methods are something that most brands can only aspire to achieve.

Hand-died, -woven and -spun, their products are made by true artisans who posses such a high level of skill work that they match (and in most cases better) anything that machines can achieve. Such 

The brand is rooted in high ethical standards and providing sustainable living for all the families who are involved with Dakini.

The scarfs will be online very shortly so keep your eyes on this section of our website for some new additions.

'ZigZag' weave is a hugely demanding design from Dakini, of which only one of their craftsmen is able to execute. 

'Herringbone' in Sand and Saffron is a super versatile colour made combining both high grade silk and cashmere that's ultra soft to the touch.

Up-close, you really get a sense of the organic nature in which these scarfs are manufactured.

Tomoko wears 'Herringbone' in Forrest and Black.

Stunning details hidden in the subtle and versatile Forrest Green and Black combination.