Handmade Leather Bags - the gift that just keeps giving

To receive a leather bag or briefcase from a loved one is like receiving an empty journal waiting to be filled with memories.

In this case (no pun intended), the memories live in the natural flecks and grazes that imprint and colour the leather without impacting on it's practical use. As the bag follows it's owner round like a trusted companion, the various places and people it meets can be depicted from these glorious imperfections.

We have recently stocked up on a number of models and colours from Frank Clegg whilst introducing a new model, 'The Hampton Tote'. In addition we remind you that the tall leather tote designed by Barbara Czapran is newly restocked in a wider selection of colours.


Frank Clegg Leatherworks

Barbara Czarpan

 Frank Clegg


 Frank Clegg 'Hampton Tote' in Chestnut


 Frank Clegg 'Hampton Tote' in Chocolate


 Frank Clegg


Barbara Czarpan


Frank Clegg Signature Travel Duffle

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