Edward Green - for alle anledninger

An undisputed champion of the Ready-To-Wear (and Made-To-Order) footwear world is Edward Green. After having worked with the factory for more than a decade, we are proud to have developed our offering to suit our customers needs and look forward to doing more so in the future.

Below is a selection of our most coveted models that are particularly popular this time of year. 

EG's MTO program allows customers to customise their single pairs to a considerable degree. If you would like to know more about the process please don't hesitate in directing your questions to our capable staff via email.


Chelsea in Black Calf

Dover in Rosewood Country Calf, Walnut Country Calf, Dark Oak Antique & Black Calf

Galway in Mink Suede/Walnut Country Calf, Army Suede/Juniper Antique, Walnut Country Calf/Dark Oak Antique

Sandringham in Rosewood Country Calf


Chelsea in Black Calf

 Dover in Rosewood Country Calf & Walnut Country Calf

 Galway in Mink Suede & Walnut Country Calf

 Dover in Black Calf & Dark Oak Antique


 Galway Walnut Country Calf & Dark Oak Antique


Galway in Army Suede/Juniper Antique


Sandringham in Rosewood Country Calf