We all know sizing through the vast amounts of different brands and lasts is difficult. Below is a general size chart relative to most of our shoes.
To help guide a little, we have compared the sizing between our various brands. 
Your experience may differ from ours, so don't hesitate to contact us for further help! 

Alden sizing:

Most Alden lasts fits comfortably, with sufficient room for the toes. Most of our customers use a similar size in Alden lasts to various British makers. Note that that Aberdeen last is narrower than Barrie, TruBalance and 379X (Military last), and most need to go up half a size for Aberdeen.
US sizing. 

Alfred Sargent sizing:

Our best selling models are made on 87F and 104F, and you will most likely use the same size for both. It's similar to other British makers, but might leave a little more space than Edward Green. The 7WK is more spacious, and many choose half a size down from the more formal British models. 
UK sizing.

Carmina sizing:

For Carmina, we would recommend the same size as Edward Green, Alfred Sargent and Loake and Enzo Bonafe. We only stock the Rain and Uetam lasts. The shape of Rain is elongated and elegant, with slightly high instep. 
UK sizing.

Edward Green sizing:

The sizing of Edward Green is quite consistant over the various lasts. Most of our customers choose the same size as other British makers. They will feel a little closer to the foot than Alfred Sargent and Alden.
UK sizing.

Enzo Bonafé sizing:

Bonafé shoes are generally similar in size to British makers like Edward Green and Alfred Sargent. They do however have higher instep, and the toe is narrower. 
UK sizing.

Foster & Son sizing:

Foster & Son sizing is similar to Edward Green, but due to being slightly narrower, customers with wider feet may need to choose half a size larger than they normally would. 
UK sizing.

Heschung sizing:

Heschung lasts are a little long. Otherwise, the sizing is comparable to British makers. If you have narrow feet, you may be able to go down half a size due to the longer last.
UK sizing.

Loake sizing:

Loake sizing is similar to other British makers. A little roomier than Edward Green and Alfred Sargent, but most customers choose the same size. 

Miyagi Kogyo sizing:

Miyagi Kogyo sizing is similar to British makers, but due to being slightly narrower, customers with wider feet may need to choose half a size larger than they normally would. Similar to Foster & Son. 
UK sizing.

Paraboot sizing:

Paraboot sizing differs with the models. Most are rather standard, while others have a slimmer toe box. Models that customers with wide feet may need to choose half a size up with are Avoriaz, Michael and Chambord.
UK/EU sizing.

Red Wing sizing:

Red Wing lists their own sizes in US, UK and EU. We use the US sizing, but follow this link to see Red Wings own size chart: Red Wing Size Chart . Many customers find Red Wing large in size, and go down half a size from their normal EU size. 
US sizing. 

Santari sizing:

We have worked on the Santari-last, to offer a comfortable and elegant last. The toe box is roomy, while it fits close to the foot around the ankles. The instep is normal. Comparing it to British makers, the closest would be Edward Greens 202 or 606.
UK sizing.