We have over 30 years experience servicing customers who require the very best when it comes to their footwear.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best from the world of ready-to-wear shoemaking, carrying a unique selection of leather, welted shoes from England, Italy, USA and Japan among others.

At this level of shoemaking, you should expect greater performance, comfort and at a lower cost-per-wear. Moreover, the degree of skill and handwork that goes into each pair (we like to argue) makes it more akin to purchasing a piece of art.

Authenticity, heritage and sustainability are buzzwords that you'll often find associated with footwear. These makers make no such proclamations, rather they carry with them the age old notion that a truly great pair of shoes will be one of the best investments you've ever made.

Foster & Son


Edward Green

Miyagi Kogyo

Enzo Bonafé