Two New Models from Alfred Sargent

It's with great pleasure we would like to introduce our latest collaboration with the Alfred Sargent brand.

We've chosen two quintessentially English models as we feel these closely represent Alfred Sargent's essence and expertise.

We've named them 'Braemar' and 'Alford', both are made on the 87f last, which features on Sargent's popular 'Cambridge' and 'Hannover' models. The uppers are made from Mahogany Grain leather while the sole bottoms are Dainite rubber.

We firmly believe that these will be well suited to anyone looking for a reliable and versatile day-to-day shoe.

Keep an eye on our blog for many more new and exciting products to arrive in the near future...

Braemar - Plain Toe Derby in Mahogany Grain

 Alford - Full Brogue Derby in Mahogany Grain

Braemar - Plain Toe Derby in Mahogany Grain

Alford - Full Brogue Derby in Mahogany Grain

We've just received some very special and beautifully handmade umbrellas from Francesco Maglia, Milan. Next week we'll have some beautiful close up images for your perusing pleasure.