The Iron Ranger for Men and Women by Red Wing Shoes

Inspired by the original boots made in the 1920s for iron ore miners, the hugely popular 'Iron Ranger' boot model from Red Wing continues to inspire both men and women who shop with us. 

We carry many different iterations which are laid out below. What's so charming about this model is the way it ages. The leather is particularly robust which means that a range of finishes can be achieved with a relatively low amount of maintenance.

With the right use, there is no reason to say this can't be a year-round option, which we assume accounts for the popularity of the boot.

2 years ago, Red Wing started making this model in a slimmer last with a slightly higher heel. Something many of our female customers are happy for.

Scroll through the images below to see which version of this tough workwear boot would best suit your day-to-day lifestyle.

 Red Wing - 8111 D - Iron Ranger - Amber Harness also available in EE width

 Red Wing - 8119 - Iron Ranger - Oxblood Mesa

 Red Wing 3365 - Ladies Iron Ranger - Amber Harness

Red Wing - 8084 - Iron Ranger - Black

Red Wing - 8085 - Iron Ranger - Copper Rough & Tough

Red Wing - 3366 - Ladies Iron Ranger - Black