Split-toe Boots

This season, we have a fantastic selection of boots with the split-toe apron styling.

We have a decent variety of rubber soles and leather soles; black, brown and burgundy uppers with a range of different fittings and aesthetics.

Whilst the split-toe style has come to be known as 'Norwegian' in it's origin, the boots shown below come from USA, France and England respectively. 

Whilst this origin is debated by shoemaking historians, what everyone can agree on is that there's nothing quite like looking down at your feet and appreciating the blatant skill and craftsmanship that only a split-toe boot can demostrate.

Cranleigh by Edward Green  a brand new model from EG made in Willow Zug leather from the famous Horween tannery. Dover fans will notice the same 'pie-crust' apron stitch, one of the more difficult techniques for shoemakers to execute.

Buis by Heschung - Another brand new model, this time by our friends in Alsace. Notched beksøm welt, lightweight vibram lug soles, contrast seams and leather laces: this boot comes jam packed with goodies. (Soon Online)

Ginkgo by Heschung - Shown here in the greyish/brown Cendre version, a long standing favourite due to it's versatility and comfort.

NST 'Tanker' Boot by Alden in Black Shell Cordovan - A cult classic made on Alden's popular Barrie last.

NST 'Tanker' Boot by Alden in Burgundy Shell Cordovan - Both these and the black versions relatively difficult to get a hold of, so if you want to know more simply hit us up at skomakerdagestad@gmail.com.