Red Wing Chukka & Paraboot Michael

Many of our customers require shoes that are capable of frequent use. During the warmer months it's important for these customers that their clothing and footwear allow them to stay cool whilst on their daily grind.

We usually suggest the following models which are a great mix of low but durable shoes that, with the right fitting, proved supreme comfort and stability.


3141 - Red Wing - Chukka - Briar Oil Slick

Red Wing's Chukka Boots feature a lower profile than their more well known 6 inch counterparts. They still feature some added height to maintain ankle stability.

715612 - Paraboot - Michael - Lis Cafe

The Michael from Paraboot is an absolute French Classic. This shoe has had a cult following for generations and just one look at them is all the explanation needed.

3140 - Red Wing - Chukka - Oro-iginal

The light weight white sole offers good grip and with a middle sole, is easily replaced by an exact copy.

088606 - Paraboot - Michael Femme - Red

The Ladies Michael comes in a Dark Navy and a stunning Scarlet Red (pictured)

715607 - Paraboot - Michael - Brown Nubuck

The Michael's sole known as 'Marche II' also features superior grip and a robustness that matches the durability of the uppers.