There's a somewhat magical connection between shoe maintenance and one's inner peace.

Your shoe polishing ritual is a time to be cherished. It gives you a chance to be mindful and be in a state of 'flow'. A time to remove any metaphorical bits of dirt and polish up the blemishes to you've been carrying with you for some time....

It's also a bloody good excuse to crack out the whiskey and make your shoes go back to looking AWESOME again. 

For those of us who cherish our maintenance routines, there's nothing better than owning your own, dedicated shoeshine box to house your various bits and bobs.

Loake and Saphir, have recently come together to make one of the newest and best sets available.


The Loake Valet Box contains:
Cleaning Cloth, Metal shoe horn, Oiled/waxy leather protector, Suede cleaner, Suede protector.
6 x Saphir/Loake Shoe Creams: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Conker Brown, Tan and Neutral.
2 x Small applicator brushes and 2 x Large polishing brushes.

The box itself is made from mahogany veneer and finished with brass hardware.

Find this product and many other shoe polishing kits on our webstore. Happy polishing! ✌️