New Selection of Brogues

This year we have an exciting array of brogues to present. 

The classic full brogue style is an essential for any shoe enthusiast to have as part of their collection. There's a certain magic that comes with the interplay of the pattern and how it accentuates the shoe's form that we find irresistable.

It becomes all the more interesting to learn that these patterns derive from a functional purpose which was to help water drain away from the shoe's upper.

Nowadays the aesthetic takes precedence over functionality. However, the shoes we feature below from Foster & Son, Alfred Sargent, Edward Green and Santari all perform extremely well for the modern day gent and his day to day needs. 


Heyford by Foster & Son in Antique Oak 

Cadogan by Edward Green in Redwood Antique Calf

Alford by Alfred Sargent in Mahogany Grain

Skomaker Dagestad by Santari - Full Brogue in Oak Calf