New Models by Ateliers Heschung AW '19

One of our most beloved makers, Ateliers Heschung, have recently delivered on an order we made in the spring.

Needless to say they have more than met our expectations with some iconic models that we've not previously held in stock, as well as a brand new split toe boot which is well suited to the Norwegian climate.

Take a look below for more info on these new and exciting goodies...

Buis in Velours/Moro - a chunky and very comfortable boot that is a lot lighter than it appears

Bouleau in Noir Anicalf - A stylish single monkstrap derby on a more accentuated last shape known as the 'Nation' last

Murier in Navy Suede - A fantastic chukka with high quality 'crepe' rubber soles and also built on the Nation last

Chene in Cafe Anicalf - A chukka version of the aforementioned single monk strap derby, perfect for year-round use