Semsket utvalg fra Miyagi Kogyo

Among the suede shoes available on the market, Miyagi Kogyo's certainly catch the eye.

They all use Charles F. Stead leather, a British tannery, well known for it's production of high quality suedes, all of which look stunning on Miyagi Kogyo last shapes.

Kogyo's is a particularly interesting for those that are looking for masterful craftsmanship at a highly competitive price. We are hugely impressed with the goods received from the factory in Yamagata, so keep a sharp eye out for more installments in the future. 

103 - Skinstitch Derby - Dark Brown Suede

300 - Skinstitch Apron Loafer - Snuff Suede

103 - Skinstitch Derby - Milkshake Suede

108 - Chukka - Dark Brown Suede

106 - Semi Brogue Derby - Old Snuff

An image from the Miyagi Kogyo factory in Yamagata.