Loake Chatsworth til herre og Chatterley til dame

In preparation for the coming months we have stocked up on an ever-popular classic from Loake Shoemakers.

The Chatsworth and Chatterley are so called 'Chelsea' boots, a style of boot originally created by J. Sparkes Hall in 1953. Sparkes Hall was Queen Victoria's personal bootmaker, and he came up with the idea after the Queen herself had requested a pair of riding boots whose laces wouldn't entangle themselves in her stirrups.

With the invention of vulcanisation, it was made possible to sew into the boot's ankle an elasticated side panel for ease of entry as well as adjustable fit.

Check out the below images to see perhaps the most well rounded iteration of a modern day Chelsea.


 Chatsworth in Brown Calf Leather

 Chatsworth in Black Calf (with Skomaker Dagestad Shoe Trees)

 Dainite Rubber Soles featured on Chatsworth

Chatterley in Brown Calf - the ladies model is almost identical but uses smaller proportions

 For Chatterley, Loake have created a 'Golf Studs' style rubber sole that imitates that of the larger Dainite Sole

Chatterley in Black Calf