How We Got Here

Almost 30 years ago, Asbjørn 'Skomaker' Dagestad opened his doors as a one-man shoe making service located just a short walk away from the Palace gardens in Oslo. He built handmade shoes for local services, theaters and some private customers. In the shop lay his tools, a sewing machine and a small selection of shoes (mostly for decor and inspiration purposes). To say it was a humble beginning is a slight overstatement.

The bolder of our visitors started asking questions about the shoes on display and sure enough, within 5 years we had begun retailing ready-to-wear shoes as well.

With time, we knocked down some walls and were joined by other like-minded colleagues as interest grew in both our selection of shoes and Asbjørn's ability to breathe new life into pair of shoes.

Because our customers started having shoes made-to-order from some of our suppliers, the requests for Asbjørn to repair shoes started to outweigh the ones asking him to make a pair from scratch. Eventually, we took the decision to focus our workshop's efforts solely on shoe repairs as that gave us the ability to help our customers get the most out of their shoes they bought through us.

Cut to today, and we have launched our newly updated website, which we thoroughly hope you enjoy. We have much bigger plans for it that what you see before you, so we ask you to bare with us and join in in looking forward to what's to come.