Høstsko '19 hos Skomaker Dagestad

The autumn is well and truly underway here in Oslo and after a thoroughly enjoyable sale we are now ready to introduce (and reintroduce) several models that we hope will be a huge hit with our customers.


Cambridge by Alfred Sargent

A timeless country boot from one of the longest running shoe factories in England. Ideal for casual and smart occasions especially when some outdoor walking is required.


Ginkgo by Heschung

A classic norwegian split-toe boot with the characteristic contrast of the shaft. A robust yet lightweight boot for stability and style.


Hetre by Heschung

A relatively new and understated model that has grown and grown in popularity. Made on the same ultra-comfortable Odeon last as Ginkgo and featuring the 'beksøm' construction.


Sawmill by Red Wing

In the mid 1970s, Red Wing manufactured a line of ‘Great Outdoors’ boots that combined rugged performance with distinctive Red Wing style. Built to combat the cold, the Sawmill is inspired by this legacy of American-made footwear built for confidence, no matter the weather.


Paraboot for Skomaker Dagestad

This year we're very excited to introduce a new version of one of Paraboot's most beloved winter models. In a few days time we'll be launching the full details here on the blog so sit tight and keep your eyes peeled for something special.