Carmina Spring '18

One shoemaker that's fondly regarded in the minds of many shoe connoisseurs is Carmina.
Carmina Adelaide Polo Suede
Carmina Shoemakers, Mallorca produce shoes that demonstrate Mediterranean flamboyance whilst maintaining all round sophistication.
Carmina Wholecut in Black Calf
We have selected an array of new models for our store that believe will speak to the contemporary gent who is looking for a reliable and versatile addition to their shoe collection.
Dark Brown Lama Calf Full Strap Penny Loafer
Carmina Full Strap Penny Loafer in Dark Brown Lama Calf
As with all our leather soled shoes, if you would prefer them with a protective rubber sole (topy/sparesåle) applied, just ask!
Carmina Adelaide in Black Calf
For more details check out our full collection of Carmina models here.
Carmina Full Strap Penny Loafer in Black Lama Calf