Alden's Longwing and Plain Toe Bluchers

Two key models in Alden's offering are the Longwing Blucher (LWB) and the Plain Toe Blucher (PTB). 

At Dagestad's they can both be found in the famed Colour #8 (dark burgundy) and Black Shell Cordovan, as well as suede options

Whether you first fall for the classical brogue design on the LWB or the understated excellence of the PTB, there's usually a good chance that you'll end up with both in your wardrobe. In any case, that's what we've come to find with many of our customers.

This is not least, due to the wonderfully versatile 'Barrie' last, upon which both models are made. Accompanied by double oak-bark leather soles and an all-around reverse welt, these shoes not only look fantastic but are built to last.

These two models are highly regarded by both shoe connoisseurs and Alden fanboys alike. Check out the below images and see which model you like the most!

One of the most popular features is the plain toe area itself. It's clean look helps make it very versatile and is the best way of showing off the 'waves' in the leather that develop with wear. 

 The longwing blucher's full brogue design creates a stylish aesthetic, accentuated by the wings themselves which glide all the way back to the heel of the shoe. 

 Cordovan has a fairly unique lustre which changes in different lighting.

 As mentioned above both models feature a reverse welt construction which adds some protection to the welt itself.

 This follows all 360 degrees of the sole edge.

The LWB in Colour #8 and the PTB in both black and Colour #8 can be found in multiple widths. If you have any questions regarding fit we'd be happy to answer them here.