Alden til Casual og Formelt

When looking to invest in their footwear, our customers often describe either casual or formal scenarios, as the setting for their new shoes.

We find that those customers who have thought carefully enough about their day to day life and the varying needs that come with it, are the ones who truly get the most out of the shoes they own.

Our ideal is that our customers feel confident that the soes they wear are well worth the money spent and that they are fully covered for any and all social scenarios that a busy modern lifestyle will throw their way. 

As an absolute baseline, we have come up with two pairs from Alden Shoe Co. that one can build their wardrobe around as a way of working towards the aforementioned ideal.


Alden's  #2161 - Derby in Black Shell Cordovan for any and all formal events


  • Built on the Aberdeen Last
  • 5 hole Derby Captoe styling
  • Double leather Oak Bark soles

Alden's #9503 Derby in Dark Brown Suede for the more casual settings


  • Built on the Barrie Last
  • 5 hole Plain Toe Derby styling
  • Reverse Welt All Round
  • Double Oiled Waterlock leather soles