Alden sko; den perfekte julegaven til deg selv?

The Alden brand has built up somewhat of a cult following. With their use of quality materials and talented craftsmen, these shoes can withstand many years of wear.


9901 - Plain Toe Blucher - Black

M6901 - Split Toe Tanker Boot - Color 8

9751 - Long Wing Blucher - Black

975 - Long Wing Blucher - Color 8

9901 - Plain Toe Blucher - Black also found in narrower 'D' Width

M6901 - Split Toe Tanker Boot - Color 8

Alden Skomaker Dagestad LWB Long Wing Blucher Black Genuine Shell Cordovan

9751 - Long Wing Blucher - Black

975 - Long Wing Blucher - Color 8

Saphir Medaille D'or - Renovateur

As always, they require care and attention: 'Renovateur' by Saphir Medaille D'Or is often touted as the go-to conditioner by members of the 'Alden Army'.

Alden - Shoe Trees

We always recommend shoe trees to place in the shoes when not in use. This helps to maintain the form of the shoe and therefore prolong it's lifespan.

Alden Valet Box

For gentlemen with multiple pairs, an Alden Valet Box is perhaps the ultimate utility set to ensure his shoes are long lasting and always looking their best.


A brief reminder that as an official Alden retailer, we are able to take in various models upon request. Nb.The specially ordered models must feature in Alden's European catalog and any such order is binding.

If you're interested to know more we'd be happy to answer your questions via mail.



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