Alden's M9803H Plain Toe Boot on WWII 'Military' Last

We have just received a new model from Alden that we are very excited about. The M9803H Plain Toe Boot from Alden built on the 379X last, is a rarely seen makeup that is highly sought after by many shoe enthusiasts round the world.

Alden's 379X last, also known as the 'military' last, features a well rounded shape with excellent toe room. Designed to be more athletic and for use in combat, the 379X last was originally used by soldiers in World War II. 

We chose the following design elements to best compliment what is known by many Alden fanatics as an iconic design:

- Black Genuine Shell Cordovan Uppers

- Commando Soles

- Silver Eyelets & Hooks

- E Width

- 12mm Sole Thickness

- Plain Toe Derby Boot Styling