Saint Crispin's

Saint Crispin's makes some of the most beautiful shoes around, and the small workshop spends around 45 hour per pair of shoes.

We stock the 535 in sizes ranging from 6F-13F, and whole sizes from 7G-11G.
We also have 10 samples of various styles to show what extent Saint Crispin's can do, mostly between size 8 and 9.5, all in F width and available for purchase..

The base price with hollowed shoe trees is 1301€ (VAT included), but some models, leathers, and various specifications can add some to the total price. Please contact us here if you would like to discuss the various options, or to make an appointmentBoth shoes for men and women are available for order. More inspiration can be found in Saint Crispin's lookbook.
Approximately 2-3 months lead time for orders, while the 535 and certain sizes of 105 and samples are available for immediatedelivery.