Skomaker Dagestad by Santari

Chukka - Dark Brown Grain

kr 11.900

Skomaker Dagestad by Santari is a project we have been working on for a long time. 
Made in a small atelier in Asakusa Tokyo, these really are as close to the bespoke look you can possibly get. The last is developed by us and Santari to offer something not often available in high-end world of shoes - a beautiful classic round toe.
In terms of construction, they are hand lasted and  hand sewn welted. These have a studded vibram rubber sole, suitable for this style.

Atsushi of Santari estimates he spends around 50 working hours per pair. That's a lot of hours!

The Chukka is an understated classic. Easy to wear with tailoring and casual clothing, this is a staple in every wardrobe. 

Size wise, these are similar to other high-end British makers. The EG 202/606 would be the best comparison in terms of fit.

We offer MTOs with no surcharge. Some options may add to the cost. Please email us through for more information and guidance.

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