Great Shoes from Northampton

A little further south of here is a town called Northampton. You may not have known that Northampton, as far back as the medieval era, was home to England's largest cattle market. As a result, they had access to the very best leathers. With these resources and centuries of technological advancements the area became well known for the highest quality of shoemaking.

Here's some more interesting notes on some of our Northamptonshire-based suppliers...


Alfred Sargent and his sons established the company in 1899. Later, in 1915 they built the first Northampton shoe factory with electricity! After 110 years in business, the company is still overseen by the great grandson of Alfred Sargent himself, Paul Sargent.

Edward Green's previous owner, Mr. John Hlustik, was a shoe designer who almost single handedly made brown shoes acceptable when worn with a suit. He significantly developed the process of 'antiquing shoes.'

John perfected his technique whilst studying shoe design in Italy. He wanted to create a deep patina - an antiqued look that reflected the cared for appearance of the shoes his grandfather wore.

Recently celebrating their 10th Anniversary (a huge achievement for any brand these days) Dean Girling and Tony Gaziano first started drawing up ideas in their garage and garden shed, respectively.

They now produce shoes in a 3.500 square meter factory in Kettering, Northamptonshire, as well as a flagship store on Savile Row.